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What is MineCenter?

MineCenter is a desktop GUI application for managing and taking care of CraftBukkit Minecraft servers remotely. You can add multiple servers and see what's going on in each of them at a glance.

MineCenter communicates with servers via a Bukkit plugin called SwiftApi which is open source. You can follow SwiftApi's development here.


What can you do with MineCenter?

How can I get support for MineCenter?

The best ways to get support are to submit a post to reddit.com in the /r/minecenter subreddit, comment on the Minecraft Forum Post or email: support <at> minecenter.org .

If you found a bug or other issue, please report it to the official Bitbucket repo.

How can I donate to MineCenter?

Thanks! Click this button to donate securely through Paypal. You don't even need a Paypal account! A suggested amount is $10, but it's up to you.